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Superfun! Fruit Punch

Superfun! Fruit Punch

SUPERFOOD INSTANT ICED TEA with Hibiscus + Strawberry

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8 single serve packs. 
Meet our Kooler-Aid

Everyone loves that classic Kool-Aid taste, and now you have one that’s all grown up and blended to support wellbeing.  With Vitamin C packed hibiscus, brain boosting strawberry, and deeply nourishing blackcurrant, this feel good flavour is a SUGAR-FREE and delicious way to stay hydrated and glowing all day!

All superfun! drinks are lightly sweetened with stevia, giving you a delicious sweet treat without the sugar! 

MOQ 6 - $8.42ea - MSRP $12.95 



Hibiscus Flower Powder, Organic Stevia Extract Powder, Organic Blackcurrant Powder, Organic Strawberry powder, and Natural Flavours



  • A healthy treat
  • In your water bottle
  • Your mid-day antioxidant boost
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